Sunday, October 28, 2012

|Missha| Super Aqua - Water Supply Cream |Review| Updated!

Hi everyone! So this is Super Aqua face cream by Missha. I decided to try this because it has no oils in the ingredients (or I thought so) and I needed a moisturizer that doesn't end up oiling my face. My face is oily combo and tends to  need extra moisture during the winter. This water supply cream that contains Crystal water 10% looked promising even though people prefer Aqua creams during the Summer.

After a couple of uses I thought it broke me out but I was wrong. I guess it was something else! EDIT: I'm pretty positive that it does break me out! I thought it was something else but I was wrong! Sorry guys ^^;. I continued using it and everything went fine. I'm using this for the past three weeks on my evening skin care routine.

It gives me a nice feeling of freshness but the texture feels a little bit silicony. It doesn't seem like my skin absorbs this cream fast. Like the directions say I have to pat it lightly until absorption. After a few minutes my face feel moisturized and fresh. The next day my T-Line is bit a oily though. That's not a problem because I wash my face every morning anyway! I used this as my day cream and it didn't make my skin oily.

I used this as my base to my foundation which is oil-based and it was a disaster. I touched my face and the foundation and concealer came off. That happened because having a water-based cream as a base to your oil-based foundation or vice versa it wouldn't lock your foundation on because of the ingredients difference. So the secret for a long lasting foundation/BB cream is using a base that is the same kind with each other. The same goes for the sunblock cream.

I like how this cream's colour is soft turquoise! Very very soft whitey turquoise though. The scent is soft and it reminds me of baby bath or baby powder. The container is matte thick glass and the lid is plastic. It's 50ml, that's great because I want to take it with me on my flight. Always remember to moisture your skin during flights because the air in there is super duper dry.

I generally like this cream and I'm satisfied but I would prefer a cream more absorbing with lighter consistency like other water based creams I've tried.

My rating: 
This product is okay but I wouldn't repurchase.
-Eva Nyah

I purchased that from Cosmetic-Love, This Review is not sponsored.


  1. i bought samples of this one on ebay, good thing i didn't bought the full size since i am not a fan of heavy moisturizers

    1. It's not heavy as a moisturizer, it's just the texture is a bit weird and it takes time to absorb. Better try the samples maybe it'd work for you. (^^;)


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